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Emergency Locksmith

Locksmith Sammamish has pledged to keep the community of Sammamish safe, this involves not making users wait for long hours in cases of emergency.

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Automotive Locksmith

A vehicle is a great acquisition for anybody; going all the way around town or just running errands is no longer a troublesome matter

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Commercial Locksmith

Being a commerce owner is no joke; decision making must be quick and accurate in order to preserve the wellbeing of your hard worked investments.

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Residential Locksmith

As home owners, we endeavor to keep our residence in optimum shape and this should go beyond cleaning and regular house chores.

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People believe locksmiths are called only in cases of emergency, like losing your keys, or breaking them in a lock, even getting locked out your home, car or commercial premises. These people often overlook the fact that doors and locks are the first barrier you have against robberies and any potential threat to yourself, your loved ones and your goods. Although locksmiths are more noticeably required for cases of emergency, a proper locksmith service done beforehand can add a level of security to any lock and most likely avoid future emergencies.

Elegant and secure knobs, locks, deadbolts, lockers, closed circuit television, access control systems and safes are all things you will find with Sammamish Locksmiths. Introduce your home, vehicle or commercial site to the latest and the best in security we can offer.

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Why Choose Us

Sammamish Locksmith experts have the most recent and innovative technology to assess and solve the all of your lockout needs.

We are a reasonably priced and dependable service, with experienced locksmiths who are trained in the most recent security standards, doing their part to make the area safer for everyone.

Sammamish Locksmith’s Emergency 24 Hour Mobile administration is a portable unit that conveniently brings the solution to you, as soon as called. Our professionals can resolve your lockout issues on location. The Mobile Unit keeps a supply of doorknobs, deadbolts, and other vital devices to assist in helping you at the area of your crisis. Our number one objective is to guarantee your wellbeing. As a result of that, our staff is all around prepared and exceedingly proficient.

If you would like more information regarding our services and what Sammamish Locksmith has to offer, please feel free to call our 24-hour customer service number, and one of our highly trained professionals will be more than happy to assist you. Sammamish Locksmith accepts all major credit/debit cards. We look forward to speaking with you and hope that next time, you remember Sammamish Locksmith.


Residential Services

Since we all have loved ones and precious belongings, the Sammamish Locksmith team has a soft spot for residential locksmith services. That’s why we endeavor to protect what you hold close as safe as possible with efficient, classy solutions for your home, be it locks or security systems. We can also inspect your residence at the time and date you have available in the hopes of giving you the most functional alternatives to fit your residential security needs. Keep the good times in and the bad guys out once you call our experienced crew of Sammamish Locksmiths. Rest stress free knowing you are safe with us.

Commercial Services

Homes and workplaces are definitely not the same, that’s why the security required for each differs very much. While you may look for more elegance than strength for your residential premises, commercial locks are sturdy and efficient to make sure the integrity of your business is maintained instead. You have the option to choose between the layers of security we have to offer by paying us a visit to your local store or our experts can go to you anytime, anywhere and guide you through the process of securing your commercial premises. Decide who and when someone can come in or out and control your goods by employing the high technology locks and systems Sammamish Locksmiths have in stock.

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Sammamish Locksmith Automotive Services

Automotive Services

If you think automotive security is as good as it gets, you got another think coming. Nowadays there’s no need to be stuck with those primitive locks that are so prone to be violated or getting jammed with use. Just think about the possibilities of opening and locking your vehicle with combination locks or even with your own unique fingerprint. It is all now possible and brought to you by Sammamish Locksmith. We also offer you good, sturdy traditional locks, remote locking systems and alarm systems that are beyond comparison. Come over and choose from our extensive array of options available for you.

24 hr Locksmith Services

Getting yourself locked out of vehicle, office of home is distressing in many ways. You can have everything planned for the day, but an emergency of such sort can easily delay or make you cancel them. Don’t let emergencies get in the way. No matter how stressful the situation is, the best is for you to remain calm at all times and not try to fix things on your own. Damaged doors and broken windows ultimately cost you much more money than what a locksmith would have charged you, minus all that time and effort. Whenever in a situation of locksmith related emergencies, call our skilled locksmith team to solve your problem in no time. We can reconfigure your lock pins and make you a new set of keys right on the spot and in record time

Do not hesitate to call Sammamish Locksmiths in cases of emergency, our emergency team is always on the watch and can has an incredible response time to ensure your safety. Get in your car and back on the road, into your home and rest assured or into your commercial premises and back to work sooner than you think with Sammamish Locksmiths.

Go through our catalog and feast your eyes with security delight; ask any of our staff members for help as we are qualified to handle any locksmith related issue that may arise. We will give you assertive options as well as specifications and the value of the products you browse and any upgrade or installation cost along with valuable security tips to keep things functioning in top shape for much longer.

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