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About Us

About Us

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Hello, dear Sammamish citizen! If you are reading this page, chances are that you are curious about what we’re all about. So let us explain.

Strictly speaking, we are a bunch of high-tech geeks that were broke and wanted to start something useful to make some money to pay bills and stuff. It all began with a conversation having a beer in the Sahalee neighborhood, outdoors, and freezing to the bone. Why? Well, we left our keys inside and locked the door. The year was 2004, and we searched the internet for a locksmith service nearby, so we relaxed a bit and made the call. We didn’t get any response and ended up forcing (completely destroying) a window to get back in.

We saw a business opportunity there, and wrote down the basics. We needed a workshop (my basement), a place to receive contracts and clients (my front yard) and a phone to receive calls (my home’s). We trained ourselves in the locksmithing arts and got our certification after a tricky series of tests.

We started selling parts and replacements as well, and soon we opened the first official store in the Sammamish City Center. We bought a couple of cars and started to reach the farthest locations of the city. We strived to get early and finish the job quickly and maintained communication with our clients after every job to make sure everything was ok.

This made us quite the reputation, and our humorous and friendly approach worked wonders. Since then, we have managed to build a stable business, and we are excited with the recent annexing of Klahanie in January 2016. We have a new challenge, and we are already planning to start an agency there.

Keep clicking around for a while, and don’t forget to pick up our contact info. Let’s chat sometime!